No Deposit Bonus FAQ

Players often have questions about rules and FAQ’s regarding a no deposit bonus at online casinos. So we thought that we would tough on some of these FAQ’s so that you are completely aware of the rules.

Q. Can I register more than one account at a no deposit casino?
A. No, all online casinos giving a no deposit bonus will only allow one account per player, household or computer. To explain this a bit better so you understand how the casinos know if you have registered before, let’s touch on a few things the casinos watch for.

1. All computers have an id, the casino software does record this.
2. Your internet provider gives you a specific ip address which is also tracked by the casinos.
3. You will be required to provide documentations to prove identity before cashing out any winnings.

Q. Why do the casinos lock my account when I don’t follow the rules?
A. The no deposit bonus does actually cost the casino money. The owners of the casino rent the software from another company, so they have to pay a percentage of all funds being played in the casino. This includes the free no deposit bonus they give. This is an actual loss to the casino but they give them to let players try out the casino prior to making a purchase. A percentage of these players will continue to play so it can be worth the free money they give. If too many people abuse the offers they will no longer be able to give them away.

Q. Why do the casinos restrict what games I can play in order to meet wager through requirements.
A. Some of the table games can have almost even odds. Example playing roulette you could put one coin on black and one coin on red. The odds are you will hit one or the other, you will not win money but you would meet requirements and be able to cash out winnings. Since many abused this in the past they have limited to bonuses to casino games of chance, such as slots, keno, and video poker.

Q. Why do the casinos restrict how much I can cash out on a no deposit bonus even if my winnings exceed this amount?
A. The no deposit bonus is a loss to the casino, to limit the loss they must put a limit on the bonus. If you do not want cash out limit restrictions, then a deposit bonus is a better option.

The no deposit bonuses is a good will gesture offered by the casino. They do not owe it to players to give them free money. Players should be grateful they been given a free chance to try out the casino instead of trying to figure out how to cheat the casino out of money. It is only a handful of players that do try to take advantage but those few hurt it for the rest of the legit players. While the casinos understand that some people just want to play more and loose the money to quick, there are other options if you do not want to risk your own funds. Many casinos offer a guest player login where you can play all the casino games except the progressive games.
We always suggest that all players review the terms and conditions which the casino has put forward on the no deposit bonus prior to accepting the bonus or cashing out any winnings. This will help in any misunderstandings or hard feelings if you are aware upfront.