Microgaming Deposit Bonuses

Extend your playing dollars with Microgaming deposit bonuses

The 100% bonuses offered by most online casinos are passé. Microgaming deposit bonuses now offer you a whopping 150% bonus on your sign up amount. Not only does this increase your playing sum by 50% more than that offered by other online casinos, it also increases your chances of winning that big prize money by 50%. It is no wonder that most people who play at online casinos first look for the logo `powered by Microgaming’ before they join and make a deposit at any new casino. After all, anybody who does not want to take up such an amazing offer needs to get their brains examined. The entire package provides you with additional value. As it is, the quality of the games coded by Microgaming is miles apart from the closest competition.

Add to this the additional 50% Microgaming deposit bonuses and you will understand why players make a beeline towards online casinos that are powered by Microgaming. And this is not the end of the story. To show off their gratitude for being loyal to them, Microgaming has also included another offer. Apart from the 50% additional sign up amount that you receive in the form of bonuses, you also get 50 free slot spins too. Check out everywhere on the net and you shall not be able to find any offer that can beat this offer by Microgaming. That is why all new gamers make a beeline for casinos that offer Microgaming deposit bonuses.