Bonus Abuser


A bonus abuser is someone who doesn’t act in accordance with the conditions of the bonus laid down by the casino operators and in print thru marketing emails made for the players or displayed on casino websites. It is a person who uses falsified identities to maneuver multiple accounts.

Nowadays, some casinos are so wrapped up with “bonus abuse” matters so they encourage players to cash out and meet all the conditions to avoid abuse. Nobody is staying to play online casinos other than the purpose of taking advantage the bonuses they offer.

It is quite complicated on the part of the casino to have low loyalty rates from players. Communicating to a variety of operators, you can get diverse feeling of resentment that players are taking benefit of their “loss leaders” and loss loyalty.

Accounts are closed and winnings are taken solely on the basis that the player only gambled when promos are being offered. It is not stated in the stated in the rules as requirements.

The truth is realistic and very alarming in putting casinos into the critical position due to scam. These make operators conscious and cynical especially when scams are going on.
The best thing to do is to set a gambler base, and the best professional way to do this is to run an efficient operation and intellectually loyalty programs which will urge players to respond.